Once upon a time in an enchanted forest not so far away there was a group of campers...camping. These campers were an especially raucous group of humans who gave little to no care about much else besides themselves. Within this particular forest resided a... Forest Spirit, if you will, that despised humans and their evil, wasteful and destructive ways. One evening, after a decidedly calamitous jaunt in the woods, whereupon they littered uncontrollably, spray painted vile , nasty things upon nature's beautiful trees and boulders, and attacked any innocent and unsuspecting animal they happened upon with rocks and sticks, the evil human campers prepared to feast on an obscene amount of marshmallow S'mores. Naturally. Bearing witness to these unspeakable acts, the Forest Spirit thought this a particularly opportune time to cast one of her magically delicious spells. With a twist of her twine, and a twinkle in her eye she bestowed her powers upon the marshmallows which slowly began to take on a most magnificent glow. They began to glow brighter and brighter and, as the humans took notice of this wondrous and oddly hypnotic site, the marshmallows burst into Life and began attacking the evil humans with all their sweet might. They gouged and they bit, pulled hair and they spit until the humans were driven from their campfire pit. They vowed to protect the Forest they love from any and all who  mistreat her. So take heed when you enter the realm of the Forest: Respect her, and all of her creatures.